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Whiteflag API

Reference implementation of the Whiteflag protocol as a web API in Node.js to connect applications with the underlying blockchains

General Description and Overview

This Whiteflag Application Programming Interface (API) is a Node.js software implementation of the Whiteflag Protocol.

It provides an interface with the Whiteflag messaging network on one or more underlying blockchains. As such, it acts as a message transceiver between one or more blockchains and one or more end-user applications.

For interaction with end-user applications, two methods are used: a REST API is available for originators to provide Whiteflag messages to be sent on the blockchain, and a web socket is available for clients to listen for incoming Whiteflag messages from a blockchain.

The Whiteflag Protocol and API specifications are also available at http://localhost:5746/ (default URL) when the API is running.

Detailed API and Source Code References

Installation and Configuration

Whiteflag Protocol

Blockchain Implementations

Source Code Description