Tutorial: installation


Whiteflag API Installation and Running


To deploy the Whiteflag API, make sure the following prerequisite software is installed:

Deployment and Testing

First, copy the repository to the deployment directory, such as /opt/whiteflag-api. Please use a version tagged commit for a stable version.

After copying the repository, install the required Node.js modules of external software libraries and then create a global link to the package by running the following commands in the deployment directory:

npm install
npm link

To run an automated test of the software, use the following command in the deployment directory:

npm test


Please see configuration.md for details about configuring the software before running.

Running the API

To start the Whitefag API server from the command line, use the wfapi command in the deployment directory:


Using the npm start command in the deployment directory should also work.

Alternatively, a service may be created. An example whiteflag-api.service for linux systems using systemctl cound be found in etc/. Enable the and start the service with:

sudo systemctl enable ./etc/whiteflag-api.service
sudo service whiteflag-api start